West Alabama Mental Health Center

First Thoughts

For this project, I needed to come up with a pamphlet for the West Alabama Mental Health Center. I was given free-range on what could be on it aside from the needed information on who to call and where to find them. I decided to go with a bagged head that smiled, while the person underneath was frowning.

First Sketches

I decided the bagged head would cover half of a person’s head on one panel, and I would make it where you can see the frown underneath with a picture of the person covering another two panels. I was going to use just a cartoon character before I found someone who would model for me with an actual paper bag I drew on. After using a few tools in InDesign, I created some shapes, added some text, and placed my model on the page.

Finishing the Design

The first design is the front, middle, and back panel. The front is unfinished due to the W.A.M.H.C not having a working logo at the time, but the blank space is under ‘Mental Health Matters’ is where it would go here. The second design is what the inside of the pamphlet would look like. The middle outside panel would fold halfway over the image of the woman in the middle inside panel, showing half her face, and half the smile.