Tiger Wash


This design was made to be a business card for a friend. At first, we were joking about making it, but as we looked at possible free tiger vectors to use, I thought of a simple design to use because of this first picture. No sketches were made, we jumped straight into Illustrator.



I started by opening a 3.5 x 2inch artboard with a 1.125 inch bleed in Illustrator, the dimensions of an average business card.  I focused in on the tiger’s eyes, took out some of the lines on the face, made the face fit into the dimensions, and found a font that the guy I was making it for likes. He told me what to write and the design was done in about twenty minutes.



After some minor tweaks after a professor looked at it, the design was fully done. We kept it in black and white to possibly keep down on printing costs, and I sent him the necessary media to get them printed. If you need pressure washing around Livingston, Alabama, give this guy a call!