Scottie Tot

Creating an Icon

This project was a simple task of creating a cartoon icon for my brother who wants to stream on Twitch. He goes by Scottie Tot, and simply wanted a cartoon tater tot with a kilt, bagpipes, and possibly hair.


Layering and Shaping

I started by creating simple shapes for a tator tot, bagpipes, and a kilt and just played around with layering distorting those shapes and lines to add depth to the clothes and tot. I then made a few possible faces that could be interchangeable that show some personality.

Putting it all Together

I made each part line up and fit well together. My brother wanted to possibly add hair as well, and after putting a basic design on the tot, I advised against hair. With hair and a kilt, it is hard to tell it is a tater tot. With hair and no kilt looks even worse. With no hair and the kilt you can see it is a tater tot, and the kilt is plenty of personality.