IMC Chose Me

Promoting Engagement

IMC Chose Me is a program used by the IMC department at UWA to connect with new and old members of the IMC family. For the videos I have made for IMC Chose Me, I helped to try and promote engagement from alumni of the IMC program. This included getting them to fill out a jotform that would update us on their whereabouts and their current job. Our first video was posted on the alumni Facebook page and got a pretty good reaction and had somewhere between 1/5 and 1/4 of the alumni turn in the jotform. 

This first video was shot with a multicam setup of four cameras. It was shot as a ’roundtable’  discussion between four IMC professors, with an Office-style of awkward comedy that came out really well in a nearly four-minute video. Little editing had to be done aside from the multicam cutting and adding bleeps over cursing.


Trying To Relate

For this video, we tried to make a video where two current students tried to talk about memories they have in IMC that Alumni either also shared or that they could relate to. The point of the video was the same as the first, to get Alumni to fill out their jotform, but we wanted them to write down a fond memory they had about the program when they did. We did not post or use this video, mainly because the consensus about it was that it didn’t relate to Alumni who didn’t know the students in the video. 


Halloween Appeal

For this video, we wanted to have a funny jump scare video for Halloween to jokingly ask Alumni to fill out their jotform. It is short and sweet, and did not get a lot of interaction. Only one or two Alumni filled out their jotform after this was posted.

I filmed one long take with our ‘monster’ being in the background at first, then popping up at the end. I overlaid the video of him in the doorway and made him very opaque to make people try to lean in and look closer before a png of him up close popped up with a very loud noise with it. If you watch, you may want to turn down your volume.