Green Screen

APO COVID Testimonial

Alpha Psi Omega offered me a chance to join them if I completed a few hours with this video. I had already done a lot during the theater’s previous play Urinetown by running the soundboard for them. I made this video because they planned to showcase student’s struggles and overcoming of the pandemic since the theater can not run a play during the pandemic. 

For this video, I got the chance to play around with editing more freely because the video was made by my own criteria. I filmed myself in front of a green screen and keyed my background out and replaced it with a COVID graphic. I added different transitions to the multiple pictures and videos I added and a counter for all of my junk works rather than cutting them out.


Getting In The Zone

Zone Magazine wanted to add a video to the 2020 addition. Due to COVID, we couldn’t film athletes in action like we originally had planned to. Instead, we decided to place athletes in front of a green screen and have them tell the audience what words or phrases get them in the zone when they do play. For this, I keyed out nearly thirty different scenes for a short minute and a half video. I then color corrected the shots, added music, and lined them up in the timeline in a way that made sense.


Pitch Perfect for a Soldier

For this project, I interviewed the president and vice president of Active Minds at the University of West Alabama. They wanted to spread awareness for a joint worship service they held along with the on-campus ministry, the Wesley. For the editing, I cut down much of the unneeded commentary, added graphics, and included music under them speaking.  Active Minds were able to post the videos to their Facebook and Snapchat, and only on Snapchat after cutting it up some.