West Alabama Football

Football-Demo Reel

I recorded most games with a small handicam by hand from the sidelines. This is a demo of some of my best shots of both b-roll and gameplay.

Football-Hype Videos

I edited footage from myself, the wide and tight shots, and sometimes from broadcasts each week to create two hype videos each week for the team to enjoy on game day to get hyped for the game. One was for the offense only, full of only plays by the offense. The other was shown to the whole team and included plays from the offense, defense, and special teams. I personally felt the ones where I had more of my own shots and b-roll in them were better than the others I made, but some weeks I had to make due since I couldn’t film from the sidelines due to a lack of camera operators. On the editing side, I combed through clips each week and set them to music. Simple and easy.