Club Poster Boards


For an Advertising and Promotion class, I had to design poster boards for the clubs at UWA.

There were six clubs and only three boards.

I had to make something that was cost-effective, simple, and allowed space for the clubs to still ‘interact’ with them.

Putting It Together

I decided to pair Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Enactus, and the MBSA and Toastmasters. I went with simple, geometrical designs with simple colors that could be printed, or just done by hand like the current posters are now. I included info on each club, how to contact the professors over each club, a catchy phrase for each club, a phrase that connected the clubs that shared a board, and blank space for clubs to place posters or pictures.

Polishing the Edges

After presenting my design to my Advertising and Promotion class, I received feedback on how I could improve my designs. Some of them are to give extra space on one design, match colors to the clubs logos, get transparent logos if possible, and bump up the resolution to better see smaller text. Unfortunately, COVID ended the class very early, and I didn’t get any more reviews on what I should change. This is a project I may come back to just to tweak and fix a few things later.