About Me


Hello, my name is Caleb James Smith. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ISTP, in other words, I am prone to Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. That means that I can sometimes be quiet and independent, but also adaptable and efficient.  

Some traits of an ISTP type include: 

– ISTPs quickly identify the core of a problem and then move immediately to solve it with the least possible effort. 

– ISTPs make decisions by using impersonal logic and objective reasoning based on the available data. 

– ISTPs tend to be quiet and reserved, though they can be quite talkative in areas in which they have a storehouse of information. 

– I want people to know that just because I’m quiet at times, that doesn’t mean I’m angry or stand-offish, it is just how I process things. 

How I View Success 

I view success rather simply.  In the workplace, success comes when both I and whoever I am working for are both happy with the result. In my personal life, I like to count the small stuff as little victories; like getting paid, helping a friend, or completing something outside of work (a video game, car model, or any other hobby). 

How I Communicate 


I prefer to communicate with others in person, although that does not mean I am opposed to meeting online as well. I find meeting in person a more direct and quick way of getting things done because there are no long pauses between responses. It is also often helpful to be able to put a name to a face when communicating with someone for the first time, so I like to be able to meet people before getting in-depth with communicating with them online. 


As I said before, I am not opposed to meeting people online, I see the many benefits of communicating online, but it is less direct in my opinion. Video conferencing with Zoom or related programs are my preferred way to communicate with clients to speed up the process of working on a project with immediate feedback I can make changes from as it is given. 

I am also okay with communicating by email, phone number, or messaging apps. I think these should be used when you need someone to know something that doesn’t necessarily have to be replied to. I check them all and reply as quickly as I am able, but this is how I prefer to communicate:

Video Conferences  Phone Calls  Texts  Messaging Apps  Email.  

Things I Do That May Annoy You 


I may laugh too much. I laugh at things I find funny, and sometimes even at things I don’t find funny. I don’t mean to seem insensitive or that everything is a joke to me. I do it to keep my spirits up and sometimes as a defense mechanism to tense situations. 


I often find myself tapping a pen, my fingers, or my feet without thinking. It is almost never to an actual beat and I am almost never conscient I am doing it until asked to stop. 

Things I Do That You May Like 


I will be honest with you even if it is painful. I like it when others are real with me, so I’m real with others. I don’t always give my gut reaction though; I’ll often take a pause and think before I speak, but it will still be honest. 


I am a better listener than a speaker. If you just need some ears to let your words fall on, I’m your guy. I may not give good advice, but I can reassure you that you are worth listening to. 

What Gains and Loses My Trust



Being straight with me.

 Direct to the point. REAL. 

Give me your respect. 

I believe you have to give respect to get respect, so I will respect others as long as they respect me. If you lose my respect, I’ll still treat you with decency, but I will not trust you. 

Stand up for what you believe in.

 I don’t care if we don’t share the same views or beliefs, but as long as you stand for your own, I’ll trust and respect you. 


Don’t be passive-aggressive or petty. 

This angers me more than straight-up yelling at me. 

Don’t treat me like a kid. 

Don’t treat me like I’m innocent, dumb, or ignorant. 

Don’t be a sycophant

To me or anyone around me. I don’t like yes men or bootlickers. 

My Strengths 

I like to be punctual. 

I am a good leader. 

I am dependable. 

I am patient. 

I am detail-oriented. 

I am a great video and photo editor. 

I am good in front of and behind a camera. 

I am invested in film/videography very much. 

If I don’t know how to do some task, I can figure out how to do it quickly. 

Where I Can Grow 

I have trouble seeing the big picture. 

Because I am detail-oriented, it helps to get the thoughts and opinions of others to push me in the right direction. 

I procrastinate. 

Unless I am motivated to complete a project.  

I can come off as rude. 

I don’t mean to. Don’t take offense to what I say since it is usually in a joking manner. 


I give feedback the same way I like to receive it. Straightforward and oftentimes blunt. I view most forms of criticism as constructive and don’t take it as a personal attack, but rather as someone’s views on how I can improve. 

My Areas of Interest 

  • I like video games, mainly single-player games for their stories. 
  • I love films. Mainly superhero movies, but I’m also a fan of classics, horror, and some musicals. 
  • If I could play Uno every day of the week, I would. 
  • I own about 100 graphic tees and about half as many flat billed hats. 

That’s About It 

If you made it all the way down here, then you practically know me, but on the off chance you want to know me more, you can email me at calebjsmith1213@gmail.com.